33 Powerful Morning Affirmations
05Dec 2017

Affirmations are like little spells.

They are small but mighty words that powerfully rewire our brains, and enable us to restructure the thought processes that greatly influence our behaviors. They help us develop positivity in our lives, faith in ourselves, and gratitude for all that we have.

And therein lies the great power of affirmations…

By rewiring our inner lives, we start affecting real, positive changes in our outer world.

In honor of Quality of Life month at Lifebook, we invite you to plant new seeds of intention, and transform the way you live with the power of morning affirmations.

Start your day with conscious creation by reading them out loud each morning. Let the words guide your actions for the day – each one bringing you one step closer to living in the life you truly want, while deeply appreciating the life you already have.

Here are 33 powerful morning affirmations to get your creative juices flowing.

We also encourage you to create your own affirmations that suit your personal visions and passions!

  1. I am the creator of my reality. I have the power to make my life an extraordinary masterpiece.
  2. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.
  3. I accept and love myself, just the way I am.
  4. I am healthy, energetic, and unwaveringly optimistic.
  5. My heart is open. My mind is at peace. My body is at ease.
  6. I am conscious of my body. My actions and habits support its purification, vitality and radiance.
  7. Everyday I become stronger and healthier.
  8. I give each of my endeavors 110%, and consistently express the very best within me.
  9. Money flows into my life easily. I always have what I need.
  10. I am open to all the wealth life has to offer.
  11. I see abundance everywhere.
  12. I am patient, kind and forgiving. My compassion replaces anger with love.
  13. I think only positive, loving, empowering thoughts. I hold no space for negativity in my being.
  14. I believe in myself, truly and deeply.
  15. I am powerfully courageous. I do not let feelings of fear of doubt stand in the way of my greatness.
  16. I deal with all of life’s challenges from a clear, calm and positive place.
  17. I know there is always a solution to any problem.
  18. I am balanced in my ability to both lovingly give to others and gracefully receive from others.
  19. I love to have FUN. I’m playful and never take myself or my life too seriously.
  20. I am surrounded by people who love me and inspire me.
  21. I accept each of my loved ones exactly as they are, and offer them unconditional love.
  22. The universe has my back, and supports me in every possible way, even when I can’t always see it.
  23. Knowing that I give my absolute best to all I do, I can relax and allow the outcome of my efforts to flow to me naturally, in its perfect form, without expectation or force.
  24. I live with open eyes and witness the infinite beauty that exists within every moment of my existence.
  25. I follow my heart and listen to my inner wisdom in all matters.
  26. I am safe, and protected by divine forces.
  27. I live with an open mind and continually invite new perspectives and fresh ideas into my world.
  28. I forgive others for their shortcomings. I forgive myself for my own shortcomings. This opens more space in my heart for unconditional love.
  29. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and every single experience of my life serves my highest growth.
  30. I am dedicated to never-ending growth, knowing that everything I seek in life is already right here within me, waiting to be awakened.
  31. I use every challenge as an opportunity to understand myself, take responsibility, and grow.
  32. I am fully open to whatever the divine wants to express through me in this life.
  33. I live with mindfulness and gratitude, so as to be worthy of all the incredible gifts I am given.
5 Ways to Simplify Life (and work) Today
28Nov 2017
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Written by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits

Living a life of simplicity can be a beautiful thing. But simplifying itself can seem like an overwhelming process.

So I recommend simplicity in your simplifying.

Instead of trying to simplify your whole life, tossing out all your clutter and paring your schedule to just meditation and writing your novel … how about just simplifying one thing?

Simplifying one thing is doable. You don’t have to simplify everything today — you’ve got ages to do all of that.

Simplicity is the path.

You can pick one of the ideas below and implement it today. If it works well, continue it tomorrow. Or try one of the other ideas. And do it with a smile!

  1. Single-task. The next thing you choose to do … do only that. Close everything else, put your phone away, and just focus on that one task. If you’re reading this article, stay with it and do nothing else until you’re done reading. When you decide to check social media, check one at a time and do it fully and with mindfulness. When you go for a walk, have nothing to listen to or look at, other than the nature all around you. One thing at a time: wash one dish, just write, just eat. This is such a simple idea, and it’s doable right now.
  2. Use in-between spaces as mini-meditations. When you’re done with one thing, instead of rushing to the next, pause. Enjoy this in-between space. Notice how you’re feeling, what’s around you, what you just did, what your intention is for what you’re about to do. When you’re going somewhere else, whether it’s just another part of the office or another part of your city … just enjoy this time fully, as if it’s just as important as anything else you do, and don’t rush past it.
  3. Let go of one commitment. Our lives are so full because we say yes to so much, and our commitments pile up over time. You can greatly simplify your life by letting go of one commitment. What isn’t fulfilling you? What can you get out of today by telling them you just don’t have space for it? Practice saying no with confidence and love.
  4. Be fully present with someone. Pick someone today to be with fully. Put away your phone, let go of anything else you’re thinking about, and just be with them. Listen to them. Try to fully see them. Open your heart to them. Send them your love. If you do this with one person a day, which is such a simple thing to do, your life will become better through better relationships and connection.
  5. Clear one space. Find one little area in your work space or home, and declutter it. Just the amount of space that you can hug. For example, just a little space on your desk or kitchen counter. Let this be the blissful oasis of peace and simplicity that will ripple outward to the rest of your life!

These are five little things you can do no matter what you have going on today — don’t do all five things, but just pick one.

And enjoy the simplicity that comes with the doing.

How Feeling Grateful Can Change Your Life
21Nov 2017
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Written by Lifebook contributor, Olivia Ryan

Being grateful and happy aren’t always easy. Some days we get stuck in negative thoughts. For me, today has been one of those days. A broken-down car, more school work and bills then I can manage, and uncertainty about the future are only a few of the places where my mind is sticking.

It’s easy to concentrate on the negative, forgetting all the good in our lives. It’s simple to ignore the good that is all around us and dwell on the negative instead.

How Feeling Grateful Can Change Your Life.

Recently, I stumbled across An Experiment in Gratitude: The Science of Happiness on YouTube. It’s an experimental approach on what makes people happier. Through the course of the exercise they discovered that when you express gratitude for the people in your life, your own happiness increases. If you have 7 minutes to spare, just watching it will bring a smile to your face. It’s a son expressing his appreciation for his mother, a friend for a friend, sisters, and an older man remembering a mentor. I dare you not to smile. Can you do it? Can you watch gratitude being expressed and not let it affect you?

5 Immediate Results of Gratitude

While expressing gratitude is something you do in appreciation of the person whom you’re grateful for, there are immediate benefits to your own life as well. Expressing gratitude reduces depression, increases energy and productivity, makes life seem brighter, increases creativity, and inspires you towards generosity.

#1 Depression reduction.

Expressing gratitude shifts our focus from negative to positive. Hormones like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are released, which fight back depression. Psychology Today gives 7 gratitude techniques to help alleviate depression and explains more of the science behind this antidote.

#2 More energy and productivity.

Did you know you can boost your health with a dose of gratitude? According to WebMD, gratitude reduces stress and boosts our immune system, which leads to increased energy and productivity.

Gratitude leads to healthier choices when it comes to food, exercise, and sleep. This naturally leads to increased energy and productivity as well — and this energy and productivity leads to better problem-solving skills.

When I feel out of control I begin thinking about the areas in my life that I can control. I can style my home for success, I can conquer my writer’s block by writing an article for Like A Boss Girls, and I can put my energy towards reaching goals rather than dwelling on the negative self-talk that derails them.

Negative thoughts easily slip us into a victim mentality derailing our dreams. They send me crawling back under the covers unwilling to face the day. By changing my thoughts and focusing on who and what I’m grateful for, I find the energy to get up and face the day.

#3 You see life from a brighter side.

When I begin focusing on all the things around me that I am thankful for I begin to see solutions for my other problems, or at least how it isn’t as bad as I initially thought.

My car isn’t working. While it may be frustrating, it’s not the end of the world. I’m surrounded by good friends who will give me a lift until I’m able afford a tow to the garage.

School work is overwhelming but there are some great services out there, like aussiewritings.com, to help me get caught up and ahead.

Yes, things are financially tight, especially with that broken car, but I have a job and the ability to pick up extra shifts. There’s always the neighbor’s kids who need babysitting and, with a little more attention to my personal finances, things will turn out just fine.

Life is actually pretty good.

#4 More creativity.

The Link Between Gratitude and Creativity has to do with the ability to remember more vividly, think outside the box, engage with our environment, try new things, play, and so much more.

#5 Pay-it-forward.

Gratitude for others naturally flows into giving to others. When I’m focusing on the ways others have blessed me, I’m more inclined to serve others — whether it’s a neighbor or a volunteer role in the community. It gets me off my butt and increases not only my self-productivity, but also encourages me to pay forward the kindness that has been shown to me.

How to Feel More Grateful Today

There are some simple things you and I can start doing today to feel more grateful. It’s the small steps we take every day that lead us to our bigger goals. Expressing gratitude for others is one small step towards living a fuller life. Make an effort to add at least one of the following today, then come back and tell us how it made a difference.

  • Replace complaining with gratitude. The next time you feel a complaint rising up, stop and instead say what you are thankful for. What are you grateful for today?
  • Start a gratitude journal. Every day write down 5 to 10 things that happened that day that you are grateful for.
  • Tell someone why you are grateful for them. It can be a letter in the mail, a phone call, or even better face-to-face.
  • Surround yourself with inspirational quotes and thoughts. Put sticky notes on your mirror, hang inspirational thoughts next to your computer, hang pictures of the people you love throughout your home.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others!
  • Be present. Learn to live in the moment. Don’t dwell on the past or constantly be looking to the future. Enjoy the moment you are in.
  • Get outside and help others. Donate your time, donate items, and volunteer to make a difference.

Final Thoughts on Gratitude

A spirit of gratitude leads to peace of mind and an overall positive attitude. When we appreciate the people around us we become more productive and healthy. Our stress and depression are reduced. Our immunity gets a boost and we have higher energy and productivity. We find ourselves more creative, happy, and generous.

Gratitude brings success to our day to day lives. Joy is contagious and draws in others. Relationships improve through a mutual sense of love and support. When you focus on the positive and are grateful for the people around you, you will find they want to be with you more. People are attracted to a grateful spirit.

Gratitude feels amazing!


About author: Olivia is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and keen on writing for different websites. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.


11 Powerful TED Talks for Stepping Up and Making a Difference
13Nov 2017
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TED is one of the best organizations on the planet.

Their 2-to 18-minute videos help to inspire and spread ideas and creativity in ways humans never could have dreamed of just a few decades ago.

In addition to spreading ideas and inspiration, TED is one of the best ways to start surrounding yourself with passionate world experts in the 12 categories.

And all for free, at the click of a button.

What a miraculous world we live in!

Below are 11 of the most powerful videos we’ve seen relative to the career category.

These videos can profoundly alter the way you approach your career, and the world.

Whether you’re in the mood for a full-length TED Talk marathon, or just scheduling one of these videos to watch each day this week — we hope you enjoy the show!

11 Powerful TED Talks for Stepping Up and Making a Difference

1. Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers — and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

2. Steve Jobs – How to Live Before You Die

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks — including death itself — at the university’s now famous 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005.

3. Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, and love. In a poignant and funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research — one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. This is a powerful talk to witness and share.

4. Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses — and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. It’s a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.

5. Rory Sutherland – Perspective Is Everything

The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, says Rory Sutherland. At TEDxAthens, he makes a compelling case for how reframing is the key to happiness.

6. Sir Ken Robinson – School Kills Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

7. Cameron Herold – Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

Bored in school, failing classes, at odds with peers: This child might be an entrepreneur, says Cameron Herold. At TEDxEdmonton, he makes the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish — as kids and as adults. Filmed in Edmonton, Canada.

8. Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success.

9. Jonathan Fields – Turning Fear into Fuel for Brilliance

How to turn fear from a source of anxiety and paralysis into fuel for action and achievement.

10. Larry Smith – Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

Throughout his three-decade career here at the University of Waterloo, Larry Smith has inspired legions of students to take up the mantle of economics with his passionate and homespun tales of economic wizardry. A renowned story-teller, teacher and youth leadership champion, Larry has also coached and mentored countless numbers of students on start-up business management and career development strategies.

11. Benjamin Zander – The Transformative Power of Classical Music

Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections.

Open to Receive the Universe’s Gifts
06Nov 2017
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Written by Lifebook Member Wendy H.

I was 40 that year.

I had been on a journey of self discovery for several years already. Finding my purpose in life, the “why am I here” question.

When presented with the opportunity to attend Lifebook, I did not hesitate. I’m glad I didn’t.

The experience was so much more than I could every imagine. To me, it’s like a fork in the road. Do I go this way or that? I went the Lifebook way and the affects are really immeasureable. You really don’t know where you would be now without having written your Lifebook, but for sure it’s a place different than where you are.

Thinking deeply and expressing deeply about every area of your life sets in motion parts of the universe opening to you that have not yet opened in your lifetime.

For me I have grown, and evolved more in the past 4 years than I could ever imagine.

Opportunites are constantly being presented to us as we live our lives, but often we are not ready to accept them. So, they pass us by and may never come again. Your life goes down this path instead of that.

Writing my Lifebook and continuing to evolve my Lifebook has prepared me to be ready. Not only am I ready, but I create opportunities based on my Life Vision. It really is amazing what we have the power to create in our lives. The choice is up to us. We are the driver. We get to choose. We write the story of our lives.

Lifebook is the vehicle to write my life story, to live my life vision, and to fulfill my life’s purpose.

Thank you!

This submission may be lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

12 Positive Changes Since Lifebook
31Oct 2017
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Written by Lifebook Member Phyll P.

Lifebook has been an amazing experience for me. It has really made me focus on my life in all the 12 categories, probably for the first time ever – and I’m 63 so that’s a long time!

  1. I was already focused on my health and fitness but I have become more so. I have now taken up both Qi Gong and Pilates to help my strength and flexibility, and both also help my sense of peace.
  2. I am more aware of my emotions so that I now pause before I act – not perfectly but a great deal more than I used to.
  3. I am working on building and improving the character traits I want to live by – in particular, patience and kindness, and I feel calmer, more tolerant and more gentle with other people.
  4. I have always loved learning. I have taken that to an even higher level by leaving the television off at night and reading books to grow my mind, and me as a person, instead.
  5. I have made a conscious effort to be kind and caring and a loving wife; to be more open and vulnerable; and to have us spend a lot more quality time together. That has had a positive effect on our relationship. We have a way to go but it is a definite improvement!
  6. I have made short and long term financial goals, which I am sticking to, and my savings are growing accordingly.
  7. I have put strategies in place for our business to make it run more efficiently and am learning about technology to help it further. I am making a conscious effort to be a more empathetic employer and our team is more harmonious as a result.
  8. I am developing my Life Coaching business, in order to take on clients after further training in September. This has been a huge step for me because I have had to get over the fear and belief that I was not good enough to be a coach. I have faced my fear and learned that that belief was a big brule and has stopped me for far too long!
  9. I have made a conscious effort to be more involved with my great nieces and nephews so that they get to know me better.
  10. I have made contact and spent time with friends that I have always cared about but was too inner-focused to nurture the relationships.
  11. Our quality of life has improved by all the strategies I have been putting in place and I’m truly excited about how much it will continue to improve.
  12. I am honing my Life Vision to reflect what I really want out of life and that has meant making some changes from how I originally saw it when I first looked at it.

I look deeply at my life now and don’t just let it happen. I MAKE it happen!!

When I read what I’ve written here I can truly see how many massive changes I’ve made in my life since I began Lifebook and I’m truly grateful to Jon and Missy for giving this gift to me and everyone else who has experienced it!

Judith Shares Her Lifebook Journey…
24Oct 2017
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Starting Lifebook in January 2017, with my beloved partner Lieven, changed my life and my family.

The first little assignment — the “Stop Doing List” — brought awareness to my day, my hours, my minutes of useless wasted time. By creating this list, I dedicated myself to really stopping some habits I did not want in my life anymore. Now, every time I get into the temptation, I remember myself of my commitment.

For the first time really thinking through my beliefs about the different areas of my life, I had a lot of insight, and recognized what I needed to change so that I could be even more positive and effective in my journey in life. I saw and felt the connections between the categories. By focusing on one goal in a category, a lot of other goals in other categories were affected.

The sharing and discussions I had with Lieven were so worthwhile, it deepened our love relationship tremendously.

Lifebook got me. I really wanted to put a lot of energy in it each week. Every book I read, I connected to one of more of the categories. Every documentary I saw, or article I read, I took the learnings and put them in my Lifebook. I really feel that I can control my life by having this Lifebook.

Lifebook’s VIP Bootcamp came, and by making my Life Vision concrete week-by-week, I saw the way I could accomplish it. I got much more focused and disciplined.

Every morning, I get up at 5:50am to start with MY hour of yoga, meditation, reading, writing, and affirmations. Such a start of the day, is a win for the whole day. My kids have a very peaceful mother in the morning to get them to school. They even see what it does to me, so they are getting up earlier to do the exercises they want to do (in a separate room, because it is my time alone). After the kids have gone to school, I start the day by looking at my weekly and monthly goals. Oh, what a help to prioritize.

My life is more energized and connected now.

I know where I want to go and how to accomplish it. More important, I know WHY I want it, because that makes it so much stronger. There are still some obstacles, but knowing that there is a Lifebook community helps them unravel.

Belonging to Lifebook’s VIP community is a big opportunity. Every month getting new information on a category keeps you focused and helps your life vision get even clearer. I am so grateful for being introduced to Lifebook by Mindvalley.

Thank you Jon and Missy for getting Lifebook out in the world.

The first time my partner and I saw you in a Mindvalley masterclass we were so touched. Your way of living, your values and your love relationship is SO in line with our values, relationship and wishes for life that we felt immediately at HOME.

5 Conscious Habits to Transform Your Body
24Oct 2017
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Whether you’re driving, sitting at your computer, in a meeting, on the couch, in the kitchen…

Bringing awareness to how you’re using your body in any given moment is insightful, empowering and absolutely transformational.

By being mindful of your physical experience, and practicing the habits below, you can begin to experience greater levels of strength, balance, serenity and wellness…

1.  Breathe Consciously

Conscious breathing is something yogis have practiced for centuries… they say that only 10% of yoga is the posture, and 90% is the breath. And when it comes to your body, breathing deeply can very well be the “one action that causes all others to fall into place.”

When you focus energy on your breath, you cause a meditative effect that permeates your entire being, automatically aligning the individual parts of your body into one holistically centered whole. Diaphragmatic breathing (or “belly breathing”) also cleanses the blood, massages internal organs, and elevates your mood.

Try this: expand your breath to five counts inhale, five counts exhale, while relaxing and softening your body. Smooth all the “kinks” out of your breath and get it as fluid as possible. Practice this for just 5 minutes and notice the incredible difference in your mind, body and emotions! More…

The Power of Experiencing Lifebook in High School
17Oct 2017
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Written by Lifebook Member Carola B.

I could not have started Lifebook at a better time.

I went through the program in August before starting my senior year in high school, and it brought me great clarity — not only in what I wanted in my education and career, but unexpected categories like emotional and social life — to help me through this milestone school year, and beyond.

Before Lifebook I was just “winging it” through life, not really knowing what I wanted or living consciously, wasting time on trivial matters and people that did not help me and that I did not enjoy. You know, being a silly kid.

Now I know what I want in every aspect of my life and I can visualize these dreams actually manifesting. This newfound clarity is the most life-changing and exciting experience. I can picture things the way I want them and work towards these images in my mind every day because I have the confidence that my life will turn out the way I choose.

I have become very productive. Many people have actually commented on how driven I seem these days, and I know this inspiration has stemmed from Lifebook and the excitement that surrounds having my life more “figured out.”

I know what I want to study and do in my career now, and I know what kind of friendships and romantic relationships I want, and this has made me more aware of who belongs in my life and who does not.

Lifebook’s VIP Bootcamp got me organized on how to accomplish what I want, and my “Stop Doing List” in particular has really changed how I think (along with the concept that we are completely in control of our destinies). At the top of my Stop Doing List is “I will STOP thinking of trivial matters and people who do not enrich my life.” This has changed my life completely.

I feel as if I am not wasting my time now and am focusing on quality people and tasks instead of boring, toxic things that drain me. This concept has given me closure with breakups and losing friends, as well as giving away objects I do not love or use anymore. I feel free. I am a minimalist now and have chosen to enjoy experiences over objects. The world is my oyster, and I realize I want to travel after meeting people at Lifebook. I even made a list of places I want to visit by the time I’m 30 and I look at it from time to time.

The concept of being able to actively choose which emotions I want feel is very empowering, and I have chosen confidence and happiness over stress and regret of the past.

This submission has been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Crushing Your Debt
17Oct 2017
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Written by Jessi Kohlhagen

Setting the intention to get out of debt is great… but is it enough?

Plenty of us have declared with passionate motivation, “Starting today, I will no longer charge anything to credit, I will increase my monthly payments for every bill that I owe, and I will crush my debt within the next year!!”

Then, over the course of a few weeks or months, we slowly lose our motivation and fall back into old habits.

Sound familiar??

Whether it’s credit cards, student loans, or a home mortgage — eliminating debt takes time, patience, loads of discipline, and perhaps most of all, consistent motivation.

Only by staying motivated can we win the goal.

Here are 7 ways to stay motivated and crush your debt, once and for all:

1. Take Responsibility

The first step on any journey is recognizing that you alone are responsible. No one is coming to your rescue (especially when it comes to paying off your debt), and the situation will never, ever improve by itself. You alone have the power to create the changes you wish to see. Remember this each time you experience the impulse to quit.

2. Get Crystal Clear

Before you can begin, you must get crystal clear on exactly what your debt goal is, WHY it’s important, and how you’re going to tackle it. In perfect Lifebook fashion, you’ve got to get your PVPS in order (Premise, Vision, Purpose and Strategy).

This level of crystal clarity will ensure that you not only have a plan, but that you can easily adjust course if need be, instead of giving up and sliding back into old patterns if things don’t work out 100% like you planned they would.

3. Stop Using Your Credit Cards. FOR REAL.

Most of us continue to use our credit cards, even as we’re trying to get out of debt. And it’s pretty easy to justify having them in case of an emergency. But the truth is — if you have credit handy, you will end up using it.

If we’re truly committed to staying motivated and getting out of debt for good, we have to stop charging to credit. Just put down the crack pipe! Learn to save and plan for emergencies without the use of credit, and make the commitment to going 100% credit-free.

4. Develop New Habits

Along with eliminating the use of credit, you must also develop new habits that will serve your on your quest toward debt-freedom. Clearly you can’t continue enabling the same old habits that got you into debt in the first place, right?

It’s time to start developing new habits such as using cash only, budgeting ALL of your expenses, not spending your money before you’ve earned it, eating out less, repairing/reusing items instead of buying new, etc.

Changing your habits not only changes your actions and behaviors… it rewires your brain and re-patterns how you perceive and experience your world.

5. Keep Your Goal In Sight DAILY

In order to maintain that daily dose of motivation, you have to keep your goal clearly in your sight… every single day. Out of sight, out of mind. If you get clear and make a plan, and then wait until the 1st of the month until you think about it again, chances are you’re going to lose your steam pretty quickly.

Keep your goal front and center, by adopting some simple daily habits, such as; reading debt-free affirmations, saying a debt-free prayer, listening to a financial audiobook or podcast, watching videos, reading articles and books, finding small places to save money, making small but responsible financial decisions, etc.

6. Find an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner will encourage and support you along the journey and, if you choose someone who has already tackled their debt, they can symbolize a beacon of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Debt is often heavily tied to shame, and social transparency can be a powerful antidote and tool for empowerment. Finding someone you can count on to encourage you and hold you accountable to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals can be the number one difference between your success and your failure.

7. Celebrate Every Win

The journey toward debt freedom can feel long, arduous, and incredibly boring at first. But over time, as your hard work begins to build on itself and show noticeable signs of improvement, it can create an unparalleled momentum and sense of motivation. You just have to get over the hump.

To do this, it’s important to continually remember your WHY, and notice (and celebrate!) each and every milestone you hit. Take a moment of gratitude EVERY time you chip away at your debt, make a responsible financial decision, save a little money, use cash instead of credit, notice a positive new habit taking root… any and every chance to honor your progress is a powerful opportunity to stay motivated and ultimately achieve your goal… to be 100% DEBT FREE!

Are you already out of debt, or on your way? Do you have any strategies or habits you’ve put in place that you’ve found particularly powerful?

Please share your wisdom with the Lifebook Community by commenting at the bottom of the post!

Here’s to creating financial freedom and achieving our extraordinary financial life visions!