7 Secrets for Staying in Love (MP3)
10Jul 2018

“Love is the tough, essential answer to the riddle of human existence, of human wholeness and happiness. To live is to love.”
-John Powell

Discover seven profound secrets for staying in love in this audio episode, based on John Powell’s book “The Secret of Staying in Love,” presented by Jessi Kohlhagen.

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Lifebook’s Favorite Affirmations!
05Jul 2018

By Jon and Missy Butcher

Affirmations are one of the simplest, most powerful tools you can use to improve the quality of your life instantaneously.

They’ve worked miracles for Missy and I over the years, and they do the same for millions of positive thinkers all over the globe.

This week we’re here to share our love of affirmations, as we feature The Ultimate Lifebook Affirmations Post!

There are some of Lifebook’s all-time most popular Affirmations!

Because whether we realize it or not, we are already using affirmations in every moment. With every word we speak and thought we think, we are either resisting or affirming our lives.

It’s time to think the thoughts, speak the words, and feel the feelings that use our energy for the creation of more love, prosperity, wellness, joy and abundance!

We hope you enjoy :)

-Jon and Missy Butcher

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Click here for 82 Affirmations for Lasting Love and Romance

Lifebook Loves: The Enneagram with Dr. Judith Swack
29Jun 2018
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Written by Jon and Missy Butcher

During the early years of our relationship, Missy and I had the honor of working with a truly brilliant expert that we’d like to introduce to you today…

Her name is Judith Swack, and she’s one of the world’s leading experts on the science of the Enneagram.

Over the years, Judith’s wisdom has helped us to understand our personality structures and relationship dynamics at a profoundly deep level. As a result, we experience greater consciousness, understanding, compassion and growth — both as individuals and as a couple.

So many of our members ask us HOW we’ve used the Enneagram to increase our self-awareness and improve our lives. And the answer is, “We learned from the best!”

Click below to listen to a special Lifebook Podcast episode with Dr. Judith Swack, as she explores the power of the Enneagram.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Judith and her life-changing programs.

And if you’re interested in learning more, be sure to click the link at the bottom of the post.

We hope you receive as much wisdom as we have from this ancient tool!

With all our love,


82 Affirmations for Lasting Love and Romance
26Jun 2018
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Looking to create more LOVE in your life?

Here are some mantras to meditate on each day to increase the connection, romance, and LOVE in your life.

Affirmations for SEEKING LOVE

  1. My heart is open and ready for extraordinary love
  2. The more I love myself, the more love I have to share with others
  3. I deserve all the love, romance and joy that life has to offer
  4. I have created space in my life for my soul mate
  5. The time has come to be with my ideal love partner
  6. I radiate pure, unconditional love to the one who is on their way into my life
  7. I am already deeply connected to the one I will love
  8. The person I love is also seeking me
  9. I am an attractive person
  10. More…

Experience Lifebook Online For FREE!
20Jun 2018

Experience the online version of Jon Butcher’s renowned Lifebook Seminar for just $500 — and get 100% of your money back when you complete the program.

If you’d like to learn more about this extraordinary experience, and how you can join us for free, listen to the podcast episode below…

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56 Amazing Spiritual Memes to Put a Huge Smile on Your Face
19Jun 2018

What a wondrous time we live in…

We have access to infinite information, on any subject, at lightning speed in the palm of our hands.

This has inevitably affected the current generation of Earth’s youth in ways both positive and negative.

Yet while our new millennial culture is so often criticized and not taken seriously, they have made one undeniable positive contribution to the world…

MEMES — the humorous, uplifting, and sometimes completely ridiculous images that convey a relatable (and oftentimes hilarious) truth about the world, and spread like wildfire across the internet.


In this post we share 56 undeniably AWESOME spiritual memes that are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.

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108 Ways to Deepen Your Meditation Practice
11Jun 2018
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There are a million and one things that can get in the way of a daily meditation practice, but like the old Zen saying states, “you should sit in meditation every day for twenty minutes, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

The trouble for most of us is that, even when we do sit down to meditate, we have another million and one things competing for our attention and dragging us away from our center.

Well, readers rejoice!

We’ve compiled a list of 108 practices that are sure to take your mindfulness to the next level, no matter where you are in your meditation journey.

We hope you enjoy :)

108 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Meditation Practice


The Antidote to Overwhelm
21May 2018

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless.
But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment.”
-Maya Angelou

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
The secret to getting started is to break complex, overwhelming tasks
into small, manageable tasks, and then start on the first one.”
-Mark Twain

As a human being in the 21st century, chances are you have a career to build, a family to care for, a household to manage, bills & taxes to pay, and a burning desire to improve every area of your life.

Sometimes you have so much going on, you feel like your head might explode.

And you’re not alone. The feeling of overwhelm is spreading like a disease throughout modern culture… and rightfully so.

Our limited human attention spans are in a constant tug-of-war with countless demands, distractions, and desires… and they’re increasing exponentially with each passing year.

The modern world’s incessant need for “more, better, faster” creates a sense of urgency and inadequacy, and leaves us feeling that our happiness, contentment and desired state of being are perpetually “just around the corner” — always the next goal away, just out of reach.

Even as the highly conscious, ultra-intentional Lifebook Members we are…

We all face challenges in life that threaten to sweep us off our feet.

Enter emotional overwhelm… that paralyzing cocktail of stress, worry, helplessness and disempowerment that tries to convince you of your inability to cope with the circumstances and challenges of life.

Overwhelm overrides our ability to see things clearly and take conscious action, by making our problems appear bigger and closer than they actually are.

But here’s a truly life-changing secret…

Overwhelm is less about what’s going on outside of you, and more about what’s going on inside of you.


Clear Your Beliefs with Lion Goodman (MP3)
15May 2018

Click here to download the audio (right click player and “save as”).

In this powerful audio with author and transformational coach, Lion Goodman, we learn:

1. Who he is, and his own personal journey of evolution
2. The true definition of a “belief”
3. Why healthy beliefs are foundational to achieving one’s life vision
4. How our subconscious mind works to help us (or hinder us) in achieving our life vision
5. Where limiting beliefs come from
6. How to know if you have a limiting belief in an area of your life, and tools to help you uncover them
7. Some of the most common limiting beliefs Lion’s seen around living an extraordinary life
8. How to truly transform your beliefs, without feeling phony, inauthentic or conflicted
9. The benefits of upgrading your belief system
10. And much more!


67 Affirmations to Awaken Your Personal Power
08May 2018

Consciously connect to your higher self and gain access to your personal power with this month’s character affirmations.

These affirmations will help you tap into your highest potential, eliminate fear as an obstacle, and align you with the person you want to be, and the life you want to live.

As always, please share your favorite affirmations with us by commenting at the bottom of the post! More…