Candace Doubles Her Life Quotient Score in 8 Weeks!
13Oct 2014
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Written by Lifebook Member Candace C.

Wow…I guess all I can say is I’m in love. ;) In love with Lifebook!

I went through a divorce this past summer. At that point, I couldn’t believe I did it. I left a relationship that I felt unsupported in. Now what was going to happen with my life?? I was heading in a different direction then I thought my life was going to go. I was really nervous about my future and felt like the world was open to me, but I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or even who I even was. I had been with the same man for 10 years. Two weeks after I moved out, I took the free introspect assessment and received a very low score…my life was “compromised”. Very upsetting at the time.

I remember feeling nervous about attending the live session because I was worried I wouldn’t know myself well enough to even get anything written down in my book. Boy I was wrong! By the end, I was so focused and realized I knew who I was all along, I just lost myself and I didn’t have a plan!

I would consider myself an over achiever, I have a successful business with over 20 employees, I’m on 4 boards and raise about $100k annually for charity…but I never goal set. I end up waiting until the last minute, but some how always pull it off and usually give a better presentation then someone who had three times as much time. But it stresses me out to live that way and I know I’m limiting my success working that way too. Since going through this program, I’ve been able to set all my goals necessary and work weekly and daily in a more productive way. I’m also living amuck more balanced life and not spending all my time working.

I talk about Lifebook a lot with people I encounter and use principles I’m learning to help me encourage and build them up to live better lives. I’m very aware now how often my loved ones seem to be settling or have limiting beliefs. Because of Lifebook, I have the words to help them consider moving forward. I love when I can get them excited!

I recently took the introspect again and almost doubled my score!!! What have I been up to in the last 8 weeks?…. I renovated, refurnished and decorated the apartment I moved into and I love it! I’ve incorporated Lifebook principles into many aspects of my business. I have been moving forward on some really big career ideas. Reconnected spiritually with God. Have been home and visited with family multiple times. Went on a fun girls trip, have another trip planned before the end of the year and am planning a big Hawaii adventure trip this spring.

The next big challenge is my love life. I don’t think I’m ready but am working towards it. When I was considering divorce, someone said to me “its better to be alone in life than alone in a marriage”. At the time I agreed, but I know now…I don’t want to be alone in either situation. Lifebook will help make get there!

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