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Goa Gajah
17Jan 2013

Goa Gajah

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Temple Goa Gajah is also known as the elephant cave. Some say the elephant cave name comes from the figure at the mouth of the temple, others reference the proximity to the Elephant Rive.

In the 1950s, extensive bathing pools were discovered on the site.



Mother Temple of Besakih
16Jan 2013
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The Mother Temple of Besikah is the largest and holiest temple in Bali, built on top of Mount Agung.

Twenty-two  Balinese temples staged on various levels comprise the Mother Temple.

Lifebook Members climbed the steps through the various levels and learned about Balinese Hindu prayer ceremonies.



















Insane fitness and local markets.
13Jan 2013
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After a content-rich call with the Lifebook VIP members for health and fitness month, it was time for our group to get serious about our own fitness routines.  Jon set up the 1st of the Insanity Workouts  by the pool.  Everyone lunged, jumped, stretched, and pushed their abilities to the max.  This made for a  great team workout for Lifebook’s current Health and Fitness Challenge.  Next time, perhaps we will workout earlier in the day, before temperatures reach 90 degrees.

The evening brought an opportunity to experience local commerce at the markets in Denpasar.  The first market featured  flowers, fruits, vegetables and meats.  Locals haggled with vendors as they purchased food for the week.  The second market was a bustling series of tents offering everything from music to clothing.  Not a traditional tourist stop, the Denpasar markets are a true chance to shop and mingle with the local community.


Exploring the Island of Bali
11Jan 2013
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The next stop on the Bali trip was to  Sari Organik, also in Ubud.  Reaching this restaurant involved a short hike through rice fields, where locals were tending to crops. 

Sari Organik  is  an experimental station for farming and food processing.  specializing in growing organic vegetables and rice and making other products that can be processed from local produce.










The next day highlighted a view of  Purah Tanah Lot.

This temple on the rock Formation of Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 15th-century priest Niratha and has long been a part of Indonesian mythology.

Lifebook’s Bali Adventure 2013
09Jan 2013
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Lifebook members and staff began a nine-day adventure with the Butcher Family in Bali, Indonesia this week.

The Ubud Monkey Forest  was one of the group’s first stops.  Monkeys native to Bali climb, run and play in their native habitat. Guests traverse the bridges and walkways as monkeys go about their antics practically uninhibited by the presence of humans.