Keith Cracks His Emotional Code and Meets the Love of His Life
21Oct 2014

Lifebook has been a transformational experience that has definitely accentuated my life and made it more focused, clear and abundant. In the past 10 weeks I have gone from being completely single to meeting the love of my life. I have seen my income increase and continue to expand. I have seen major shifts in the ways I think about my financial life. I have gone from feeling like money is something to worry about to a place of realizing money is a deep intimate relationship and it is an incredibly good and necessary energy in my world. I have cracked open emotionally and feel like I am much closer to understanding what it means to live a man wide open lifestyle. I feel more love in my life and a deeper love for myself. In someways, I feel fearless and open to all the exciting possibilities ahead. By creating my Lifebook and implementing it into my life so far I have seen nothing but abundance and growth both personally and in the world I live in. I feel so blessed to be part of this community and I look forward to continuing to live an extraordinary life that is filled with more awesome opportunities and fuelled by unconditional love.

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