Lifebook Changed How Dixie Saw Herself…
13Apr 2015
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I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out how I was going to accomplish the things I used to dream of as a child. I’ve tried different businesses and different careers. A few years ago I decided I was going to make a conscious effort to surround myself with women I wanted to be like. I had realized that before I could accomplish the things I wanted I had to work on improving myself. It was like God heard me (which I’m sure he did).

I was introduced to one woman in particular who had dreams of becoming a life coach. Ultimately, she did and also became one of the most important people in my life and a very dear friend. I was visiting her in Arizona when I was attending a conference where I saw a presentation on Life Book. I was so intrigued and really wanted more information. I decided to attend the workshop in Chicago the following week.

It was an amazing week and we met a wonderful group of people. After having searched for avenues of self improvement and personal growth, I had learned a considerable amount of important life lessons and disciplines I could follow.

Although I was exposed to a lot of great information prior to Life Book, everything I did seemed to end up being temporary. I would do well for some time then it seemed like my life just stepped back in and unraveled – what I had done until that point and I would be back at square one.

I’ve always noticed how some people just seemed to know what to do to be successful. I thought maybe they were just really determined and persistent. So was I, I thought, and I still struggled to accomplish my goals. I realized it was because I had no clear system in my process toward my goals. I realized a lot of what I wanted was wishful thinking because I hadn’t taken the appropriate steps to make them a reality.

The Life Book system is an incredible structured format that guides you toward accomplishing everything you want in life and doesn’t leave any out.

It’s like the instruction book of life that we aren’t born with but now have complete access to.

I am deeply grateful for having attended my first workshop. I truly learned so much about myself and realized that I had been holding myself back with limiting beliefs. It forces you to face every aspect of your life and what needs attention and improvement.

The hardest part for me was when I realized that I truly didn’t believe in my heart that I deserved all of the things that I so badly wanted. I truly didn’t believe I had the intellect to be successful. With this realization also came the realization the I had self sabotaging behavior. This was very difficult but it empowered me to release these beliefs and the fear I was holding on to.

Lifebook has provided the perfect platform to follow along with the tools you need to create the life of your dreams. I have a totally different perspective on my life and my life vision. The best part is now I know exactly how I’m going to get there.

I have no doubt with focus, determination and together with the Lifebook community, I will accomplish my life vision.

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