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Our Most Romantic Trip; Santorini, Greece
20Oct 2010
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When it comes to romance, Europe wins hands down! Nothing compares to walking hand in hand down the cobblestone streets of a medieval square at sunset, looking for that perfect cafe table to spend a romantic 3-hour dinner, gazing into each other’s eyes and sharing a beautiful bottle of wine… If you’re in love, that’s just as good as it gets.

One of the most romantic places we’ve ever been in Europe is the stunning, crescent shaped island of Santorini, Greece, with it’s quaint white villages clinging to the volcanic cliffs above black sand beaches…

This island literally blew apart in 1450 BC, which is what formed it’s crescent shape – and today you can enjoy magnificent views from the dozens of cafes, bars and hotels that are packed into good positions all along the rim of the “Caldera”. And the sunsets are as good as it gets ANYWHERE in the world. (continued after photo gallery)

But aside from the gorgeous scenery, I must admit that at least PART of what made this particular trip so romantic was the agenda (or lack thereof)…

Our trip to Santorini was a LIFEBOOK TRIP, which meant we spent hours and hours and hours talking about our favorite subject; our Life Vision. We’ve been together for 20 years and that is a subject that never gets old – it is an inexhaustible source of exciting, fulfilling conversation…

Every dinner, every lunch, every long walk, every hour by the pool, the topic of conversation inevitably turned to where we’ve been as a couple, where we are now and where we want to go… in our love relationship, our parenting, our health and fitness, our character, our financial life… (well, you’re a Lifebook Graduate, so you know the drill!)

Of course, we had to fit these exciting conversations in between massages, spa treatments, boutique shopping, sight-seeing and other activities which shall remain nameless in this post…

Santorini was absolutely wonderful. Lifebook trips are the best. My wife is amazing. And life is good! :-)

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