The Lotus Revolution – How We Survived The Egypt Riots
14Feb 2011

What have been the “defining moments” of your life?

What are the most important situations and events you’ve experienced that have shaped you as a human being? Have you ever experienced an event that was so deeply intense, or powerful, or scary or or moving that it changed you to the core?

I think it’s difficult to get through life without having at least a few experiences like that… And if you live the way Missy and I do, you’ll probably encounter a few more than average.

We spend the winters in a different part of the world every year with our children. Last year we lived on the beautiful island of Bali for 5 months, the year before we had an epic South East Asian Adventure... And this year we decided to live in the Middle East; the Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt.

Travel is one of our greatest passions. We’ve enjoyed over 20 years of intense, focused, adventure travel together. We’ve shared MANY life-changing experiences, which have made us smarter, shaped our lives, our parenting philosophy and our relationship. But nothing could have prepared us for what we would experience in Cairo in the winter of 2011…