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The Wonderful World of Wine: It’s Not That Complicated!
23Oct 2010
Article by Lifebook Member Brian Johnson

Quality of Life is probably my favorite of all the Lifebook categories. And for me, fine wine is an important part my quality of life! I love everything about fine wine; the hunt to find those special gems, sharing a great bottle with friends, discussing wine for hours on end…

But I’ve discovered that when I talk to most people about wines, the reaction is usually the same…

“UHGGG! I just don’t know where to start! It’s just all too confusing! I don’t know enough! I‘m afraid I will waste my money!” (then, the other one that really gets me is, “Oh… I just stick with my box of red wine from the local grocery store!” OMG, right?)

Seriously, the world of wine does not have to be complicated… More…

Eat, Drink AND be Healthy! A 12-Category Smart Approach
23Oct 2010
Article by Lifebook Member Jason Moore

If you’re like most people, when it comes to eating, and drinking, it tends to go one of two ways: either you eat and drink for pleasure OR you eat and drink for health. And probably do a lot of yo-yoing between the two.

Most people believe they can’t have it both ways – it seems like nothing that’s pleasurable to eat and drink can really be good for you and nothing that’s good for you can really be pleasurable to eat and drink.


A limited view of eating and drinking all begins with a limited definition of “health”. So, let’s ask the question, “what is health any way”? More…