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Thousands of people have experienced the Lifebook Program and achieved remarkable results. No matter who you are or where you are in your life right now, Lifebook makes it highly possible for you to create something very rare; an extraordinary life, that works at a high level, in every important area.

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"The Lifebook Program is the most unique and powerful personal development course I have ever encountered. For those who wish to become entrepreneurs of their own lives, this is exactly what you have been looking for."

Dr. Nathaniel Branden

Best-selling Author, Lecturer, Therapist, Corporate Consultant

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"Lifebook was the most impactful 4 days I have ever spent. I left with my finished Lifebook in my hands and relationships that will last a lifetime."

Gail Kingsbury

Seminar Industry Expert, Founder of the Gail Kingsbury Group

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"Lifebook is the most amazing thing ever done in Personal Development. I've been through it and everything else in the self help world does not even hold a candle to Lifebook."

Joe Polish

Founder of the Genius Network Mastermind and Piranha Marketing

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"Lifebook provides you with the practical tools you need to achieve the life of your dreams. You can't achieve what you can't perceive. Lifebook helps you remove the blinders off the vision for your potential happiness."

Joe Mercola

World renowned Wellness Expert, Innovator and Visionary

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"Lifebook was absolutely a defining weekend of my life. This program will change the world."

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Best selling-author and President of Parker College

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"Lifebook had massive and immediate positive impact for us, which still carries through years after completing the program...and will for the rest of our lives."

Dr. Patrick and Laurie Gentempo

Founders of Action Potential Holdings and Chiropratic Leadership Alliance

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"A New York Times bestselling author, I have written many books… But none are as important as my Lifebook. There is simply no other personal development experience that can compare to Lifebook."

Garrett Gunderson

Best-selling Author and founder of Freedom FastTrack

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"Everything we do at Silva is about manifesting the life of your design – and Lifebook helped me place my focus and attention on the things that matter most to me."

Laura Silva

President of Silva International, purveyors of the Silva Method

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"I've been to just about every self-development program out there, and Lifebook is simply in a class by itself."

Rick Sapio

Founders of Mutual Alliance and Business Finishing School

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"My Lifebook experience absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. I was shocked by how powerful it was. I need to tell EVERYONE about this, EVERYONE needs to experience Lifebook!"

Sean Stephenson

Author and Inspirational Speaker

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"Over the past 22 years, I've attended over 140 personal development programs and workshops and Lifebook is hands-down the most perfect program I've ever experienced."

Alex Mendossian

Business Marketing and Success Instructor

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"Powerful. Super-saturated. Life changing. Lifebook was able to integrate all the best features of personal development programs, including a group experience, and create a truly full approach to self-development. It didn't leave anything out. Thank you for creating such value and sharing it."

Shawna Burkhart

Individual amd Family Conselor, Life Coach

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"Since Lifebook, everything I do and everyone that I spend time with is in line with my life vision. Words can't come close to expressing how the Lifebook program affected my life."

Patrick Komeshack

Entreprenuer, President of Living Well Wellness Center

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"Lifebook was a transformational experience for me. I've done a lot of personal development work in my life, but this brought it all together in an elegant, beautiful format. It pushed me to think clearer and harder about my life than I ever have before. A thousand thank yous for Lifebook!"

Amy Radick

Director of Fund Raising, Art Institute of Chicago

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"Lifebook is a way of organizing everything I've ever wanted into something I can see every day. As I spend time in my Lifebook, I'm beginning to see that the future that I've defined is becoming the NOW I am living."

Coleen Robb Post

Entreprenuer, Regional Achievement Director, MedShare

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"Lifebook gave me the opportunity to think about myself in a very deep way. It was a completely transformational experience."

Jaydev Karande

Entreprenuer, Founder of Wearcast and Zipscene

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"Lifebook was a tremendous, life-changing experience that has gotten even better as more time has passed. It has taught me to look at my life in such a different way and has allowed me to be proactive, hold myself accountable and maintain focus in every area of my life."

Christina Indar

Digital Assistant Manager, Triad Retail Media

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