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Then you need to know: where you’re starting from, 12 areas to balance, and where to focus next.

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For 10 Years, Lifebook’s Intra-Spect Assessment has been helping people around the globe to learn just that. Our proprietary process collects over 100 points of data and delivers a customized, personal Report of Findings and recommendations for next steps. We even reveal your life quotient, a quality of life score unique to you.

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Dr. Joseph Mercola

"Lifebook provides you with the practical tools you need to achieve the life of your dreams. You can't achieve what you can't perceive. Lifebook helps you remove the blinders off the vision for your potential happiness."

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You'll Receive


Your Life Quotient, a number unique to you, and an understanding of where it sits on the life-development scale


Your scores in all 12 important life categories


Your current category of strength


Your category of focus – where to put your attention now


Your category of connectivity – everything in your life is connected. This area supports your category of focus. Putting some focus here, is key to success in your category of focus.


Recommendations for your next steps

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